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Buzzwords abound in education but do you know the why?  Why do you need student agency, empowered learners, personalized learning, or transparency?  Do you know what the vision is to get there?  Do you know how you're going to get your school there?  Or do you really just need to define what "there" is?  LEAD IN is designed for technology coaches, technology integration specialists, or teacher leaders who support digital transformation in their district.  This one-day workshop will lead participants on a journey to look at the why, what, and how of incorporating the ISTE Standards, the Future Ready initiative, and best-practices in coaching and leading others to implement educational change.  Spend a day networking, learning, and sharing ideas to take back to your school or district!

Through our partnership with the Indiana Department of Education Office of eLearning, there will be two free seats per public school district for the session with a cap of 50 participants.  PGP's are available to participants if requested.

New Dates Coming Soon!