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The Public School Speaks

The Indiana Association of Educational Service Centers and the American Association of School Administrators have an exciting new video offer that every school administrator will want to show their district’s staff, teachers, parents, community groups, business leaders and local legislators.
The Public School Speaks shines a light on all that’s right with public schools today and effectively responds to the harsh criticism schools face.

The video’s inspiring messages and powerful visual images make the case for increased financial and public support for the nation’s public schools. This powerful video is based on an article written by Frosty Troy, a renowned speaker and editor of The Oklahoma Observer, for The School Administrator magazine.

The Public School Speaks is co-sponsored by IAESC and the American Association of School Administrators. It was produced by the Central Indiana Educational Service Center’s award-winning video production team. The video, which is nine minutes long, is the perfect public engagement tool for school leaders nationwide.

Once you watch it, you’ll want everyone to see it!

Here's what some have said after viewing this video:

  • "The educational video was uplifting and yet educational. After viewing this DVD, I felt proud to be an educator in this diverse United States public school system."
  • "I thought the video was good. It reminds us of all the positive things we do in education. Wouldn't it be great if we could run it, in its entirety, during the Super Bowl."
  • From the PTO meeting: “I didn’t know you were going to make me cry at a PTO meeting.”
  • "I thought the video was great.  It had some great points about all the things public schools encompass.  My wish is that the general public would see it....especially many friends of mine who all want to send their children to private schools."