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CIESC Now a 501(c)3

2013-Moore-MicheleCIESC has been undergoing a lot of rapid changes in the last couple of months to better serve its member schools throughout Central Indiana. One of our biggest changes, however, has been a long-term project that has been ongoing for the last two years—obtaining tax exempt status. The Internal Revenue Service notified the service center recently that we have been granted 501(c)3 tax exempt status. For the service center, this is a huge benefit for several reasons.  It permits individuals and companies to make tax exempt donations to help children that we service through our many programs. In addition, it allows the service center to pursue many grant opportunities that previously we had been unable to apply for. It also lets our work to be centered around our goals of providing services to school districts and ultimately school children without being subject to the whims of the legislature for the basis of our existence. We are proud of where we are going at CIESC in our continual quest to better serve our school districts. We see this large step as one more way we can offer better services as we strive to be more efficient and effective. 

35 Million Images now available to educators

This is a segment from the article "Use Copyright Images In Your Blog" from
Educational bloggers have often been stuck in a gray area when it comes to using copyrighted material.  Confusing legal jargon containing to Fair Use and Creative Commons has made it difficult for school districts to understand when they can use copyright images. Getty Images (the world’s largest photo service) has just announced 35 million of images will be available for free. What’s the catch? Getty Images will provide an open-embed option that will let users drop in any image as long as Getty Images gets to place a footer at the bottom of the picture with a credit and link to the licensing page. This opens up a treasure chest of images to bloggers, presenters, teachers, and students. Search all images that are available with open-embed. The embed code can only be used in websites/programs that support HTML iFrame code. This means images can be placed on your classroom blog, professional learning website, and personal site. To see the simple 7 step guide to using these images on your blog or website visit the orginal article on Learn how CIESC Media Services can help with your project.

Why You Need Video Front and Center

Two words – ‘visual learners.’ Everyone is a visual learner. In fact, most people understand that you can learn more from a 3-minute video than you can by reading for 3 minutes. According to a study by 3M Corporation, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. So the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be any truer, and video is made up of thousands of pictures. This makes video a very efficient way to get information across in the shortest amount of time...
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IIE Beech Grove Science Academy

CIESC Media Services has completed the newest segment for Innovations in Education covering the Beech Grove Science Academy.The Beech Grove Science Academy is a real-world model that builds on partnerships with Lilly and Dow AgroScience. It focuses on the high needs of Indiana's workforce. To view all of our Innovations in Education videos view the redesigned website.

Dr. Michele Moore named Interim Executive Director

Dr. Robert Taylor, Chairman of the Governing Board of Central Indiana Educational Service Center, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Michele Moore, CFO as the Interim Executive Director. Dr. Taylor noted that Dr. Moore will provide the leadership and transition skills necessary for the continued growth and development of CIESC in the coming months. Dr. Moore holds a doctorate from Indiana University in Educational Leadership and Curriculum, is a licensed CPA, and a classroom teacher with 14 years of experience. Her varied background will provide CIESC with the necessary leadership capacity as the service center begins the process to find a permanent replacement.


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