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Internal Controls Test Page

Internal Controls Training Video:

Bloodborne Pathogens Sample

Below is a 6 minute sample of our 13 minute Bloodborne Pathogens: Universal Precautions training video. The full video can be purchased with compliance tracking individually for $199/2 years or with our entire video library for $499/2 years.


Behavioral Issues & Special Needs:
part 1: Behavior Management

The BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT segment provides six crisis intervention strategies. They defuse out-of- control behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors in the classroom.
Total length 18:00 mins.

Behavioral Issues & Special Needs:
part 2: Classroom Setup & Management

In CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT you'll see veteran teachers demonstrate how visual supports, classroom set-up, and management keep students engaged, reinforced, and on task.
Total length 13:30 mins.

Behavioral Issues & Special Needs:
part 3: Autism

In this Autism segment, classroom teachers and autism experts show you how to effectively communicate, connect with and teach students on the autism spectrum.
Total length 18:30 mins.

Internal Controls:
Indiana Code 5-11-1-27

Indiana State requirement 5-11-1-27 impacts all employees who oversee or work with any aspect of finance or accounts. This video has been approved by the Indiana State Board of Accounts and will explain what are internal controls, why they are needed and what steps to take to put them in place.
Total length 9:15 mins.

Bloodborne Pathogens:
Universal Precautions

Microorganisms in the blood or other body fluids can cause life-threatening diseases: HIV, Hepatitis B and C. CIESC has earned two Accolated "Award of Merit" awards for Bloodborne Pathogens: Universal Precautions.
Total length 13:00 mins.

Substitute Training: The Dos and Don'ts

The art of teaching effectively in a temporary capacity. Topics covered are: How to dress, communicating with the students, proper etiquette, reporting back to the teacher. Includes insights from Teachers and Principals.
Total length 7:30 mins.

Managing Students Diabetes in the Classroom

Three part overview of diabetes and hunter's law; New requirements for schools; Recognizing symptoms, behaviors and life threatening conditions and treatments; Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Keoacitosis; Recognizing and responding to blood glucose changes.
Total length 49:00 mins.

Understanding Student Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Characteristics of autism and Asperger's; how autism affects students' abilities to communicate and interact; communication strategies that work; diffusing potentially tense situations; basic guidelines to help school staff and safety officers understand the "hidden" disability.
Total length 24:00 mins.

School Bus
Driver Safety

Experienced school bus drivers and experts from a professional driving school and the Indiana Dept. of Education provide pre-trip inspection procedures, driving and parking exercises, road test components, student behavior management guidelines, and safety equipment needs every driver should have at arms reach.
Total length 15:00 mins.


Experienced staff and safety experts that can help prevent work-related accidents, injuries, and even electrocution. Chemical, environmental, and electrical safety risks are discussed, along with the importance of having systematic approaches to repetitive tasks.
Total length 13:00 mins.

Beyond a Hug: Professional Standards for Teachers

As educators, administrators, staff and volunteers working in our schools we have a professional obligation; to better the lives of the young people we educate. That means doing all we can to be as professional as possible while balancing the needs of our students.
Total length 14:00 mins.

Computer Utilization

Acceptable email and website use; school and individual rights; comprehensive definitions of appropriate and inappropriate language and material. A necessity for new staff; also appropriate as annual "refresher" for all staff members.
Total length 10:00 mins.

Family Education Rights & Privacy Act

FERPA - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a video produced by the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) for the purpose of informing staff and parents about this federal law.
Total length 12:00 mins.

Cyber Bullying
Part 1 & 2

Mary Robison discusses cyber bullying in schools. This is a two part series. Even though it may not take place in person, the emotional and psychological effects of cyber-bullying are just as destructive.
Part 1 length 21:00 mins.
Part 2 length 37:30 mins

The Impact

The start of each school year brings concerns over consussions among student athletes. This video helps coaches, parents, students, and others suppliment the laws. You'll also be given ideas where to turn for more information and hear from experts in the field of concussion management.
Total length 9:00 mins.


Over 90 districts are using our compliance training system to keep their schools safe.
Total length 9:00 mins.

Live Streaming

Indoor Air Quality Webinar

(we will email video file to all who registered)

Submit your questions below, or interact with other viewers.


The webinar is Thursday, August 24th from 9am-noon. The live stream will start at 8:45am.  Learn the essentials of Indoor Air Quality and how it affects students in the classroom. Keep your school compliant with state and federal regulations. Learn about asthma, operations, maintenance, HVAC systems, mold, energy conservation, integrated pest management, rules, policies, and reporting. This event will be held in person at CIESC and also live-streamed online. Please select which option you prefer, and more details will be sent to you. You must register here.

Date/Time: Thursday, August 24th 9am-noon

Lisa A Cauldwell, MPH
Indoor Air Quality Team Leader
Marion County Public Health Department

Ron D Clark
Industrial Hygienist
Indoor Air Section, Environmental Health Division
Indiana State Department of Health 

If viewing from mobile device, hit play button on bottom left corner. A backup stream is also available at

Interested in our live streaming services? We offer high quality video recording and streaming for any application. Email us at  for details specific to your event. Watch this 60 second video to find out more.

If you see our player with our logo or image above the text, you are connected to our stream. You must use an updated Browser with HTML5. If you have issues connecting to the stream please call 317-550-2228 or email


The Public School Speaks

The Indiana Association of Educational Service Centers and the American Association of School Administrators have an exciting new video offer that every school administrator will want to show their district’s staff, teachers, parents, community groups, business leaders and local legislators.
The Public School Speaks shines a light on all that’s right with public schools today and effectively responds to the harsh criticism schools face.

The video’s inspiring messages and powerful visual images make the case for increased financial and public support for the nation’s public schools. This powerful video is based on an article written by Frosty Troy, a renowned speaker and editor of The Oklahoma Observer, for The School Administrator magazine.

The Public School Speaks is co-sponsored by IAESC and the American Association of School Administrators. It was produced by the Central Indiana Educational Service Center’s award-winning video production team. The video, which is nine minutes long, is the perfect public engagement tool for school leaders nationwide.

Once you watch it, you’ll want everyone to see it!

Here's what some have said after viewing this video:

  • "The educational video was uplifting and yet educational. After viewing this DVD, I felt proud to be an educator in this diverse United States public school system."
  • "I thought the video was good. It reminds us of all the positive things we do in education. Wouldn't it be great if we could run it, in its entirety, during the Super Bowl."
  • From the PTO meeting: “I didn’t know you were going to make me cry at a PTO meeting.”
  • "I thought the video was great.  It had some great points about all the things public schools encompass.  My wish is that the general public would see it....especially many friends of mine who all want to send their children to private schools."

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