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Safe Hiring Solutions

CIESC has partnered with Safe Hiring Solutions in order to offer a “sub pool” for background checks.

  • It is provided to the district at no cost
  • Substitute only has to pay for one background check
  • Districts no longer need to collect the money for the background check
  • Districts spend less time on paperwork
How it works:
  • A substitute will apply at a district.
  • The substitute will enter their information into Safe Hiring Solutions’ database.
  • The sub will pay for their background check.
  • The results will be ready for the district to use, usually within 3 business days.
  • If they have already had a background check done, the sub would inform the district of this.
  • The person responsible for this information will have a log in so they may view the results.
  • If your district already uses Safe Hiring Solutions you will still use them like normal for employee background checks. You will have a separate log in for the substitute pool.

Absence Management

Absence Management is a program designed to help with human resource needs.  The program uses a software application called Aesop.  Aesop is an electronic system used to report and fill teacher absences. Teachers and/or principals can create a job by using Aesop to report an absence. The system then calls substitute teachers in the data base to fill the job openings. Substitute teachers can also "shop" the system for jobs via telephone or internet. 

Benifits of CIESC Absence Management

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    40-60% savings on Aesop system with CIESC, over purchasing on your own.

Free Training:
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    $2,500 discount on software training for staff every year.

Additional Support:
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    Access to additional support from Jennie Thompson and CIESC staff.

Log-in to Aesop Email Jennie Thompson
There are two different models for the Absence Management Program:
  1. Aesop Usage Provides the opportunity to use Aesop at a discounted rate.
  2. Subcaller Receive the use of Aesop, along with a Sub Caller
*For more information, please contact Jennie Thompson at 317-759-5548 or email

Helpful Information
  • Substitutes can use the system 24/7 to look for future jobs
  • Absences may be entered into the system several months in advance, 24/7
  • Aesop generates reports to assist administrators in absence analysis
Avon Community School Corp.
Franklin Twp. Schools
Carmel Clay Schools
Hamilton Heights School Corp. 
Hamilton Southeastern Schools
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Franklin Community Schools 
Lebanon Community School Corp.
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